I absolutely love taking the present, bridging the past and making it timeless.  I create works of art through vintage photography that evoke emotion.


Nikki G.

Sharing my gift with you is a treasure!

I would like to further introduce myself and share a little more about me.  My family know me as Nikki Giovanni.  Many do not know, but yes, I was named after the brilliant poet, "Nikki Giovanni".  I am an artist by nature, celebrating your authentic self in every possible way! I am not only the owner of Vintage Lens by Nikki G, but also the owner of 4 the Spectrum Prep in Plano, Texas proudly serving as the Chief Clinical Officer and Licensed Behavior Analyst for children with Autism.  I am pursuing my passions and doing what makes me happy.  I came to realize that it is ok to pursue more than one career and do multiple things that make you smile.  So, during the weekdays I create behavior intervention treatment plans to help improve the quality of life of patients with autism and on the weekends and some evenings, I am pursuing my passion to share my creative spirit with others. 

Over the years, I have discovered a love for the art in photography and have found it’s one of my Happy Places. Soon after my children were born, I developed a stronger passion to capture life's moments and it was then that I realized I could not waste my special talents.   

I wondered for a long time if this was something I could really do.  I reminded myself I have a gift and fulfilling my purpose is being able to reciprocate it with others.  I discovered a love for capturing the innocence, raw emotion and inner beauty of the human spirit.  Hence, Vintage Lens by Nikki G was born.

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